Back to School… for all of us

In our community in Illinois, today is Back-to-School day. There is uncertainty and excitement for the kids as they meet new teachers and kids that they didn’t have in their rooms last year. Parents (and grandparents) are excited to get back to ‘the routine’ that the school year represents. There are a lot of great teachers and schools which work at preparing the next generation of students to be good and capable citizens. However, schools (even church related schools) are not enough and cannot provide the greatest influence and patterns for living which the family/ parents can provide. In Proverbs 22:6 in it says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” (ESV) Two key points to remember. First, ‘train up’ as in “increase and grow” applies to ALL of us regardless of age as we need to keep growing and learning in our daily walk with Christ. That includes getting closer to his word and taking it to mind and heart. Second, is ‘when he is old’. Some people have an open heart early in life and benefit throughout their lives from it. For others, it takes a bit longer and LOTS of prayers for them along the way. BUT, as researchers are finding out, people tend to keep long-term memory more active and accessible as they age. SO, adding a few more verses to your memory banks now (regardless of age) will pay dividends in the long run and the investment is truly out of this world! If you are looking for some added sources to help you or your kids or grandkids along the way, check out Links section to or for other resource materials that may have an impact on their growth and learning (and on yours). Now, it’s back to the homework and looking for ways to Take Time For God’s Word… like at 10:06pm (i.e. 22:06) today!

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