Go into all the world!

16:15 Mark “He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." (NIV)

Jesus gave the disciples (and us) the ‘great commission’. We are not to keep the Good News to ourselves. We are not to shut the world out from this life-changing and life-saving message. We are to go into the world. We are to share it widely. We are to share it with people who may have rejected it before… God gives them another chance. Let that be top of mind each day… ‘how can I let the love of Christ reach others with His salvation.’ >u>Be a blessing!

Make the unbelievable become faith in Him!

16:11 Mark “When they heard that Jesus was alive and that she had seen him, they did not believe it." (NIV)

Jesus is alive. Mary had seen Him. It was true. Jesus did conquer death. She thought the others would be excited with this news. She was wrong. They did not believe her. It sounded too good to be true… it still does sound too good to be true to many people. We must persist in telling the story of the resurrection. Sins are forgiven. New life has begun. We can know Him personally. Let your faith increase as you grow in your love for Him!

He died for our sins!

15:37 Mark. “With a loud cry, Jesus breathed his last." (NIV)

Mark makes the account of the crucifixion very focused. Limited descriptions. Just the major facts. Not much about the other words of Jesus from the cross. Just that He breathed His last. Just eight words that punctuate an extraordinary life and what would become an even more extraordinary resurrection and ascension into heaven. He prepared a path for us. Let us ALL walk on that path to meet with Him in heaven.

Will you stand with Jesus?

14:50 Mark. “Then everyone deserted him and fled." (NIV)

Jesus awakens the disciples a third time. This time He alerts them that His accusers are coming to take Him. Judas leads the pack. He betrays Jesus. The soldiers are armed and take Jesus. None of the disciples stay around…they fled. They desert Jesus and leave Him alone with those who would later have Him killed. Do you ever desert Jesus? Do you flee rather than defend His name and the power of the Gospel? Stand firm in your faith. He stands with you ALWAYS!

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